Facility Dogs

Cooper working hard at Blue Sky Behavioral Health

Facility dogs are exceptionally trained Therapy Dogs who partner with a handler to accompany them to work in countless different professions.

Facility dogs are being used by:




Mental Health Professionals

Occupational or Physical Therapists


Special Education Teams

Nursing Homes


The Exceptional Sidekick Facility Dogs are trained to perform tasks that would help in all types of work environments. For many of these facilities the dog might just need to lay with a person to make them feel more comfortable. If needed they can even go a step further and apply Deep Pressure Therapy during treatments. They can also be trained to retrieve for rehabilitation and do tricks as rewards for desirable behaviors at school.

Facility Dogs offer unconditional love and comfort to everyone they meet. They bring a sense of calmness and security to clients who might be struggling in the moment. They are essentially full time Therapy Dogs with some extra training to suit your needs.

We sometimes have dogs to suit these needs and the best way to get one is to apply here. We also work with The Exceptional Pet to help with Owner Trained Facility Dogs. If you have a pet that you would like to use as a Facility Dog please reach out to The Exceptional Pet. Once they have trained you and your dog we Certify teams before they start working full time.