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On July 18, 2020 a group of life changing puppies were born at ColdSprings Labradors in New Hampshire, a dog breeding program that breeds dogs to create the best tempermented puppies to do a hard job. Become a service dog for a teen or young adult in need. Even though these puppies didn’t even have their own names picked out they started their training to become lifesaving service dogs from day one. For the next (almost) three months these puppies would be doing exposure, getting used to new sounds, smells, and best of all toys, setting these dogs up for success on their trek to become service dogs. By getting these dogs used to different things such as loud sounds and strange smells or objects it helps desensitize them, so as they grow older any new potentially frightening thing they encounter, they will know how to cope and handle it. 

On September sixteenth, the much awaited day arrived for the trainers and new puppy raisers at The Exceptional Sidekick Service Dogs. The puppies arrived at the training facility to meet their new raisers and get their names; Hamilton, Peggy, Angelica, Mulligan, Lafayette, and Eliza. From hour one when meeting their puppy raisers their training kicks into full gear. They got their in training vests to help them get ready for the vests and harnesses their future handlers will need them to wear. From going on walks while teaching good leash manners, to tons (and I mean tons) of puppy snuggles to get the puppies ready to do tasks like deep pressure therapy and visit tasks that require the dog to be on top of the handler. These puppies have a huge year or so of training in front of them before they meet their forever handler who they will help reclaim their lives from the psychiatric issues and also medical issues that often stem from having long term psychiatric issues. These puppies have a lot going for them to help a teen or young adult in need, but for now, they will start with the basics, learning good manners and basic commands. We can’t wait to watch the Hamilton crew grow and eventually graduate to their new careers.

For videos of our special Hamilton Crew day, visit our YouTube channel

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