Our Mission

Providing psychiatric service dogs to disabled teens and young adults, empowering handlers to complete their education, and opening up their world to the life they want to live.

Raise a puppy, change a life

Many Ways to Get Involved

Help us overcome financial barriers to make service dogs more accessible for all!

For many applicants, the associated cost is the primary roadblock in obtaining a fully trained service dog. Our typical client is already grappling with substantial medical expenses due to their diagnosis and symptom management. Your donation is a powerful force that enables us to change lives. By supporting the two-year training and care journey required to produce a fully-trained service dog, your contribution allows us to lower the cost of our fully trained service dogs. This helps to break down barriers and allows service dogs to be placed with those who need them most. Join us in making a difference today!

The Exceptional Sidekick on YouTube

We have an extensive playlist of educational, fun, and interactive videos to help you learn more about service dogs and our organization. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our latest additions. Please share with our channel and help us spread awareness and break the stigma of mental illness. 
Some of our most popular topics:
– What is a Psychiatric Service Dog?
– Puppy Raiser Q&A
– Who is The Exceptional Sidekick
– Puppy updates… and so much more!