It takes a village to raise these dogs and our village is filled with some very exceptional people. We always need volunteers to lend a hand at our events, fundraisers, and to join our committees. Our Board of Directors is made up completely of volunteers helping to grow our program and promote awareness to the incredible need of psychiatric service dogs in our community. Please consider joining us in making a difference in small and big ways every single day.  Here are just a few ways you can volunteer.   We have more exciting opportunities that we’re currently working on!

Peer to Peer or Team Fundraising

Volunteering to help us fundraise through peer-to-peer or team fundraising is a great way to help! We can set up a fundraising page for your own fundraiser, or your group/team. Reach out to your own networks and connections to maximize your impact. Through social media platforms, email, or word-of-mouth, you become a vital ambassador for our mission. By forming teams or joining existing ones, you can collectively work towards your goals.
Peer-to-peer fundraising allows individuals to personalize their approach, sharing their unique stories and connections to the cause and inspiring others to contribute. Through these collaborative efforts, the community can come together to provide crucial resources and support for the Exceptional Sidekick, making a meaningful difference lives of our clients.

Community Service Hours

If your child is in need of community service hours, we have lots of ideas from bake sales, lemonade stands, hanging posters around town, running errands, doing a food and toy drive, etc, 

Skills Based Volunteering

Do you have any skills you could use in volunteering? We welcome help with anything from office assistance, organizing an event, creating videos and social media content, professional skills, or any way you’d like to help. If you’re interested in volunteering, let us know!