Breaking the stigma around psychiatric service dogs, we educate our community on their training, tasks, and impact. Tailored assemblies cover puppy raising, human impact, and mental illness. We have a wonderful group of therapy and service dog teams that join us, making the visits fun, interactive, and informative for all involved.

Group Assemblies

At your location: churches, community centers, corporations, daycares, hospitals, public and private schools, office buildings, summer camps, universities, and more. Presentations can be done for your entire student body or specific grade levels, marching bands or choirs, athletic departments, municipalities, or parent-teacher associations, or any other type of group.

Career Day Participation

We would love to be invited to your career day events to share the skills required and our commitment to training dogs for the betterment of our community. This can be done as a large group presentation or at a career day fair when participants visit different tables to learn about their professions.

Service Dogs Heal Badge Presentations

These presentations take place at The Exceptional Pet Training Center in Newtown, CT, approximately every eight weeks based on demand. At these events, we join different groups together, hosting scouts, athletic teams, youth groups, and other student clubs. Participants receive our Service Dogs Heal badge. We do request a minimum donation of $10 per person for these sessions; some groups prefer to fundraise for us, and that is an amazing choice as it also helps with public awareness.

How Can You Help?

Hosting a presentation or program is a great way to begin! We foster conversations about mental health, service dogs, and therapy dogs by engaging audiences of all ages. Some groups go above and beyond, organizing creative fundraisers like coin drives, car washes, social media campaigns, and more. These efforts contribute directly to help offset the cost of training each service dog. Your support helps to make these life-changing companions accessible to disabled teens and young adults throughout Connecticut and surrounding areas.