Your gift can change the life of a teen or young adult struggling with their mental health.

How do I give through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

  1. Recommend a DAF grant through your financial institution or foundation.
  • You can recommend a gift by contacting your financial institution, foundation, or granting online (find yours below).
  • The grant will arrive at The Exceptional Sidekick with only the fund’s name and address on it unless you request otherwise.  

2. Contact your Fund Manager

  • Did you know you can recommend a one-time grant or schedule ongoing donations?
  • Call your fund manager and recommend supporting The Exceptional Sidekick and the grant amount.
  • Your fund manager will send a check directly to The Exceptional Sidekick from your fund.

Please request that your name and address be included to inform us of your gift so we can thank you for your generosity. 

Please use the following information when granting through your DAF.

TAX ID: 81-1196868.

Mailing Address:
The Exceptional Sidekick
3 Simm Lane
Newtown, CT 06470

Do you have a DAF through Fidelity?

Use this link to donate directly through your Fidelity DAF.

Fidelity DAF