The presence of service dogs in training on a college campus helps to raise awareness about mental health and disability issues, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate campus community through education and understanding. Our puppy raising program creates a holistic environment that benefits everyone involved, shaping the future of service dogs and fostering a more empathetic and informed campus community.
Our impressive college puppy-raising program benefits our puppies in training, their student raisers, and the broader college community. As these future service dogs begin their journey toward assisting individuals with disabilities, the campus environment provides an ideal setting for their socialization.  Contact Us to set up a puppy raising program on your campus!

Puppy Raising at Sacred Heart and SUNY Cobleskill

Sandy Lee – CPDT-KA is our head trainer, managing our puppy raising program at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT
Abby Tanzer – CPDT-KA is our Regional Puppy Raising Coordinator, managing our puppy raising program at SUNY Cobleskill, in Cobleskill, NY

Program Benefits for Puppies, Students, and the College Community

Puppy Benefits
Enrichment Opportunities: Interaction between the puppies and students fosters a nurturing atmosphere, teaching the dogs to navigate the academic landscape while becoming accustomed to diverse social situations.
Future Service Animals: The puppies raised in the program go on to become trained service animals, providing life-changing assistance to individuals with disabilities and special needs.
Student Raiser Benefits
Personal Development: Students participating in the program can develop important life skills such as responsibility, empathy, and patience, as well as enhance their teamwork and leadership abilities, all while learning about the positive impact service dogs have on individuals with disabilities.
Educational Opportunities: The program can provide hands-on educational experiences for students, such as learning about animal behavior, nutrition, and training techniques, as well as exposure to careers in animal behavior and training.
Community Benefits
Therapeutic Benefits: The presence of the puppies in the university can positively impact the mental health and well-being of students and staff, providing a source of stress relief and emotional support.
Community Outreach: The program can foster community engagement by providing opportunities for the university to collaborate with local animal welfare organizations and engage with the surrounding community through events and volunteer opportunities.