Our Dogs

The Exceptional Sidekick is proud to offer Psychiatric Service Dogs, free of charge, to teens and young adults that reside in Newtown, CT struggling with a disability. If you live in Connecticut you may also be eligible for a service dog from TESSD. Please note: TESSD cost to raise a dog is $32,000 and we require you to fundraise to offset half of this cost. In addition, we are honored to assist owners in training Therapy DogsFacility Dogs, and Owner Trained Service Dogs.

We call Newtown, CT our home and for good reason. Our dogs have been welcomed into the community, which in turn helps us to provide the best dogs possible. Our service dogs have been the driving force behind empowering young adults to go to college, helping teachers return to school, and transforming teens into outgoing peer support advocates.
Our wonderful Puppy Raisers are the driving force behind our mission, turning puppies into exceptional Service Dogs.
Sometimes our dogs don’t want to be working dogs and are more suited to therapy work or as a family pet. We always put their needs first which means that they will be released for a requested donation. Click here to apply for one of these exceptional dogs.