Legacy planned giving helps to secure the future of our mission. You can leave a legacy that will transform the lives of so many, regardless of your income. Contributions to our legacy planned giving program enable us to continue our goal of helping others live independently through the use of our wonderful dogs. Please get in touch with your financial adviser and attorney for guidance on how to make a difference for years to come.

Retirement Funds

You can support our important life-changing mission by naming us as the partial or sole beneficiary of your IRA, 401(K), 403(B), or other retirement assets. If you are unable to donate immediately but want to help change lives for the better in the future, estate planners often recommend that you designate all or a portion of the assets to a charitable organization; by leaving such assets to us, you can pass other assets to your heirs which may lower the tax burden. Retirement plan assets may be subject to both income and estate taxes.

Life Insurance

You can support us by naming us as the partial or sole beneficiary of your life insurance policy. This is a wonderful way for your legacy to live on and truly help others in need. If you transfer ownership of the policy to us during your lifetime, you may also qualify for an income tax charitable deduction and you may deduct the cost of future premium payments.

Writing a Will or Trust

Remembering us in your will or trust is easy to do. Simply provide a specific dollar amount or other property.  You may also designate that The Exceptional Sidekick receives a specified percentage of your estate assets. I give and bequeath to The Exceptional Sidekick, Inc., 3 Simm Rd, Newtown, CT the sum of $________ (or specific asset or _____ percent of the remainder of my estate) to be used for its general charitable purposes.

Charitable Lead Trust

This is literally a gift that keeps giving and allows us to expand the number of wonderful dogs we raise and place; an amazing gift option that provides a stream of income to The Exceptional Sidekick Inc. for the term of the trust. At the end of the term the remaining value is usually paid to the donor’s heirs at appreciated values with favorable tax implications. These trusts can be quite complicated and do require tax and estate advisory advice. Here are the basics of how it works: You transfer cash, securities or other property to a trust.  You receive a gift tax deduction. During its term, the trust pays a fixed amount each year to The Exceptional Sidekick, Inc. When the trust ends, its remaining principal passes to your family or other heirs you name. Trust growth passes to them tax-free.