Be a Full Time Puppy Raiser

The Exceptional Sidekick has a very unique program which puts the concerns of getting too attached to your puppy to rest. We have perfected the art of puppy rotation! This rotation happens every two-three months and reinforces the idea of raising a group of puppies for an amazing cause rather than one puppy that you get very attached to. This not only makes letting go of the puppy easier but it also gives our puppies phenomenal socialization since every family attends different activities. Our puppy raisers are required to attend a weekly obedience class, attend events and fundraisers, take the puppy to restaurants, movies, grocery shopping, and help to educate the community on proper service dog etiquette.

Be a Part Time or Weekend Puppy Raiser

Our part time and weekend puppy raisers help us out when our full time puppy raisers go on vacations or have times that they can’t watch the puppies. Part time puppy raisers keep the puppy as a pet and do not take the puppies into public. It’s really more about cuddle time.

Click here to apply to be a puppy raiser.

Rally Up

RallyUp is the leading all-in-one fundraising platform for nonprofits. If you are interested in running your own fundraiser to support The Exceptional Sidekick we have lots of ideas. We had one young man get pledges for the amount of times he could hit his lacrosse ball against a wall and he raised us close to $2000.

Community Service Hours

If your child is in need of community service hours we have lots of ideas from bake sales, lemonade stands, hanging posters around town, running errands, doing a food and toy drive, etc