The Exceptional Sidekick began as a way to help Newtown and our teens and young adults that are struggling with a psychiatric disability. It has grown into something so much more. Between our service dog at the Sandy Hook School, to our dogs helping their handlers attend Clarkson University, we have found that each dog has touched countless lives. They are local celebrities and many have shared something special with a dog or two in the program.

Our Community has learned about the jobs that Psychiatric Service Dogs can do and proper etiquette when you see a dog in public. We look forward to continuing our mission in Newtown and now also share this exceptional program with other communities within Connecticut. With one in four people suffering from a psychiatric disability we have a lot of work to do to break the stigma and get people the help that they need.

Please watch for our SDiT (service dogs in training) around town as we continue to grow our organization. Please join us in our efforts. Together our community truly can change lives, so many are ready to start their healing today!

community service dog with cheerleaders
community service dogs at the zoo